How Presentations Can Hurt Your Business (and How to Fix It)
How Presentations Can Hurt Your Business (and How to Fix It)

Every day, businesses are on the lookout for better ways to boost productivity, so they can grow their bottom line without sacrificing compliance. A forward-thinking company must keep innovating, whether that means a tweak to an existing workflow or an enterprisewide implementation of a new process. When it comes to increasing profits, every little detail counts.

One aspect that is often overlooked is presentations – their creation, distribution and usage. Presentations are a critical communications tool for most businesses. Whether it’s sales decks or product updates, a presentation tells the business's story, but without a strategy, they could become a time-consuming, and possibly a legal, mess.

Let's take a look at three ways a company can improve their presentation strategy to enhance their business.

1. A solid presentation strategy boosts productivity. Businesses that are creating one-off presentations for single use are wasting valuable time that could otherwise be spent driving the business forward. In this world of social media, blogs, and SEO, content has become king, and many businesses are devoting serious dollars to develop engaging content that is proven to convert. But what does the business do with the content after its initial use?

If a business develops a quality infographic for the company blog, there's no reason that asset shouldn't be shared across all company communication channels, from newsletters to social posts, and, of course, presentations.

That is why organizations need to house all of their marketing files, formatted and ready to present, in one central location so they can be used by the appropriate team members. Ideally, a presentation management strategy will streamline the process of distributing updated and revised content, so employees can reuse content with minimal preparation time – time that could be better spent on tasks that will actually build the business, like product improvements or meeting with clients. By empowering your team to create presentations in a more efficient manner, they can be more efficient and productive in their respective roles

2. It guarantees compliance on multiple levels. Compliance issues can manifest themselves on three levels: confidentiality, brand and message, and regulatory. First and most obvious, it's important that businesses have a system to ensure sensitive information doesn't get out and that the right employees are directed to the right content, so they can get their job done. Furthermore, compliance controls what recipients can do with that content. For example, are they allowed to print it, download it, edit it, etc. This not only protects the company from risk, but also ensures that the recipient is able to do exactly what’s expected with their presentation content. 

Brand and message compliance ensures that everyone is presenting with the proper graphics and language. More important, message compliance means that everyone is communicating accurate and up-to-date information about the company products, pricing, mission, etc.

Third, a compliance aspect that is often overlooked when creating presentations is legal compliance, which refers to "required content," such as disclosure statements. This is particularly critical in highly regulated industries, like finance and pharma, because it guarantees that everyone is presenting the information in a format that complies with the law.

Finally, reporting lets managers know whether or not the team is compliant when presenting, and it gives insights into what gets used and what doesn't get used in the field. This allows the marketing team to focus on creating assets that actually work rather than wasting valuable time creating materials that wither.  

3. A sound strategy enhances efficiency. A business is at its best when employees are doing what they're actually paid to do. For example, a sales team is most productive when they're actually on the road, selling the product, not piecing together single-use presentations for each and every sales meeting. 

Royal Caribbean recently overhauled its presentation management strategy after realizing that its sales team, comprising 300 employees, was wasting a combined 86,000 hours piecing together presentations, most of which were only used once or twice. By streamlining their presentation management process and making all assets available in one central location, Royal Caribbean was able to save almost $3.5 million.

Businesses are always looking for that edge to push them to the next level, and often, it's right in front of them. By identifying specific pain points within workflows like presentation management, businesses will improve their day-to-day operation, establish a more efficient work environment and boost the business. 

For Social Media Influencers, Perception Is Reality

Social media has become the cornerstone for a new wave of digital entrepreneurs. People cannot go anywhere without being exposed to the giant that social media has become. Millennials are taking advantage of this opportunity to become social influencers and create massive amounts of digital income to live a life they have always dreamed of – even at such a young age.

Let’s face the facts: We all want to be considered an “influencer” at the highest level. Humans, by nature, crave to be viewed as authoritative and experts within their fields or industries. In the modern digital world, your perception on social media is your reality. What people see on your social media accounts before they meet you in person will most definitely impact their first impression about you. The good thing about social media is we all have the power to control what other people see or “perceive” about us on our profiles.

Say, for example, your best friend wants you to meet someone on a blind date this upcoming weekend.  What is the first thing you are going to do? Check your date's social media profile of course! Now ask yourself this: What would draw your attention the most and make you feel most excited about going?

Scenario 1: You pull up the potential date’s social media profile and notice they post pictures more than a few days a week of them eating pizza while lying on the couch watching TV.

Scenario 2: You pull up the potential date’s social media profile and notice in several posts that they are standing next to what appears to be their six-figure luxury car and very well dressed.

Depending on the type of person you are, both scenarios will greatly impact your decision to accept the date or not.

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This example alone proves how important we value social media in our decision making. Many people do the same with vacation resorts and even restaurants before they will book a trip or visit a place to eat.

Most people are aware of how important it is to have a strong social media presence for their personal brand or image. Unfortunately, these same people are clueless about how to properly leverage the social platform to grow an audience base that will truly make a difference in their lives.

To help with this issue, here are two valuable tips and strategies given to us by Social Revelation that you can start using today to improve your social media strategy – especially on Instagram.

Create a feed that gives clarity.

Too often, people get this basic strategy wrong. When people first land on your page – statistics show you have the first nine to 15 posts to grab someone’s attention and turn them into a follower of your page. Because of this, your feed where you post your images or videos needs to be current and immediately reveal your niche, values, and beliefs.

If you are a baseball player, then I should know that as a potential follower the moment I land on your feed. I should not be confused as to what your niche, values and beliefs are. If you are all over the place and posting things ranging from baseball to fashion to tech gadgets without any consistency, then all you are doing is making the potential follower confused – which will only make them leave the page.

An easy take way would be to create consistency in your feed. How? There are many options, but an example would be to take your three Instagram columns and turn them into categories. The first column could be posts only about your personal life, the second column could be only about motivational quotes, and the third column could be about your hobbies or interests. Again, the key to all of this is staying consistent throughout the feed.

Establish a bio that aligns with who you are or what the page is about.

Creating a bio that draws attention and delivers exactly what the page is about is crucial. Not having a bio at all is detrimental to the credibility of the page or brand altogether. We only get 150 characters for the bio, so make it count.

The bio should be vertically aligned reading from left to right. This vertical appearance makes the bio not only seem clean, but also professional. Tell the world about yourself or your business. Establish credibility. The world or potential followers may not know your story so here is where you tell them! If you are a seven-figure earner, then put it in your bio! This is not the time to be humble – leave that for your internal moral victory and in-person conversations. 

One last golden nugget – you do not have to put your name in the “name” section. This section can be properly utilized to SEO on Instagram for whatever keywords you want. You are allowed up to 30 characters in this section. Take advantage of this! For example, I have used key phrases I wanted to SEO for such as “7 Figure Digital Entrepreneur” in my name section and then placed my name as the first line under the name section. With my personal username being @ryanwhite, people already know whose page they are on. No need to double dip!

Doing this allowed my profile to show up in search when people typed in “7 Figure Digital Entrepreneur”. The idea behind this trick is that if you aren’t a Grant Cardone type figure yet, odds are there will be more people able to find you via certain keywords rather than your name. As your image gets bigger, you can reevaluate the keywords you wish to rank for.

Start utilizing these tips and tricks in your social media strategy as soon as possible and I personally guarantee you better results. You will be able to start controlling the image you are putting out into the world and above all else – the way people start perceiving you will start to become your reality within the online and digital community!

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