In full swing: North America’s crude prices and changing takeaway capacity

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The first half of 2018 saw crude production continuing to rise in North America. US crude exports are also on the rise, but ample production growth and constrained takeaway capacity have combined to create a tight market with big discounts.
Widescale adoption of electric buses in Europe is near. There is still a lot of uncertainty around eBus battery charging strategies and the optimal type of charging hardware, mainly related to costs and operational flexibility.
Crude oil prices rose during the third quarter to reach their highest level in four years, while increased E&P capital expenditures and continued efficiency improvements resulted in better OFSE performance.
The Permian is experiencing its first natural gas problem. Gas production is starting to exceed pipeline capacity exiting the Permian, and in-basin prices are falling as a result. Paradoxically, the second problem is a potential overreaction to the first problem: market fundamentals could attract too many pipelines, and the Permian runs the risk of having underutilized pipelines.
There’s a soft side to zero-basing. Businesses that want zero-basing’s changes to last ignore it at their peril.
Why do some emerging economies grow rapidly while others languish? New research highlights the role of public policy, effective government, and globally competitive companies.

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