2019 Trade Show Exhibit Trends

2019 Trade Show Exhibit Trends

2019 is in full swing, and trade show season has officially started. With CES behind us, we've noticed a number of trade show trends that are emerging. If you're searching for design ideas for your next trade show exhibit or considering upgrading your current trade show exhibit, try the following ideas. 

Touch screens

Technology has become incredibly savvy over time, and it's no shocker that exhibitors are increasingly incorporating technology into their trade show exhibits. Touch screens are gaining popularity in a variety of industries from technology to HR. Touch screens are popular because they allow prospects to immerse themselves in your brand, while adding multisensory elements to your exhibit. These engage people on multiple levels.

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Trends in touch screen technology include mounting kiosks, iPhone-shaped touch screens to show off mobile technology and more. Whether your trade show exhibit is a 20-by-20 foot trade show booth or a large 100-by-80 foot booth, a touch screen is an excellent way to provide a more immersive and interactive experience.

Brand activations

Brand activations are the newest trend in the trade show industry. It's not enough to show off a new product anymore – you have to activate the brand. Many great examples of brand activation have included creative and fun ideas that allow prospects to interact with the brand and product in a meaningful way.

If you've added a new cookware line or food item, allow prospects to get in on the fun and host a cooking class. If you've got a new brand of coffee, teach prospects how to make the best coffee and play barista. A brand activation is popular because of the interactivity, but it should also be supported by asking participants to share the fun on social media for a chance to win something such as your new product. This ensures your brand gets maximum exposure while you are busy with the crowds at your exhibit.  

Creative lighting

One of the basics of a successful trade show exhibit design is lighting. The way your trade show exhibit is lit can attract people from across the trade show floor. It's a useful way to shine a light on your products or highlight unique exhibit elements. In 2019, lighting will get more creative and be incorporated into trade show exhibits in new ways such as custom shapes, illuminated pieces of the structure and backlit fabric structures. If you're seeking to redesign your trade show exhibit in 2019, consider your options for creative lighting that can make a statement. 

Creative finishes

Increasingly, exhibitors are turning to more creative and visually interesting finishes on their trade show exhibit. This includes LED screens projecting waterfalls, mists and swirling lights, or textured walls that draw people's eyes to the trade show exhibit. Creative finishes are popping up at trade shows in multiple industries from automotive to technology and beyond. Since many of the finishes are inexpensive, they've become a great way to stand out from the crowd in the exposition hall. 

2019 is going to bring exciting trade show exhibit designs, new elements of technology and increased diversity among custom trade show exhibits. Fewer people will opt for the same old, boring trade show exhibit. Instead, they'll invest in elements that stand out and enhance their perceived value. 

Kamyar Shah

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