4 Tips for Creating Catchy Blog Titles That Get More Clicks

Creating a blog is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a person can have. It takes a ton of work, but once you start to notice spikes in your traffic the feeling is pure exhilaration.

Due to a crowded blog market, it's harder than ever before to create a high-quality blog. According to CopyBlogger, 80 percent of the people who see your blog post will never make it past the headline. The study concluded that 8 in 10 readers would read the headline, then skip right past the article.

The suggestion here is that the title to a blog post is far more important than we once thought. So how do we improve our headlines and get more clicks?

1. Clarify the content of the post.

Staying accurate when writing a blog post and title. However, when we pick a title with a little flash, sometimes we have to clarify the content of the post in the title.

As an example, you could say, "How One Website Increased Revenue by 398 Percent." A better option would be: "How One Website Increased Revenue by 398 Percent [Case Study]."

According to a Hubspot case study of 3.3 million paid link headlines, ones that had the clarification in brackets performed 38 percent better than titles without the bracket clarification. There is certainly an argument to be made for clarifying your articles in the headline.

2. Open your options.

Sometimes we come up with a great idea and roll with it. It turns out that might not be the best method for creating catchy blog posts. Instead of instinctively going for the first title that comes to your mind, work around it for a few days or even a few weeks.

One of the best ways to experiment with your title is to come up with at least 25 different titles you could use that would deliver the same message. Don't be shy about taking a survey among peers and co-workers to see which one rolls off their tongue. Sometimes a second opinion and having some options can be the difference between catchy and bland.

3. Research your competition.

Coming up with great, catchy, blog titles means being willing to research your competition. There’s undoubtedly someone else in or close to your niche that you follow. You can check their posts as they upload to see if they are covering breaking news or publishing something that you have more knowledge on, or just to get a gist of the kind of content their readers enjoy.

You should couple that information with a website like BuzzSumo, which allows you to search for topics or keywords and get all of the most popular, shareable, and relevant blog posts in that niche. This will give you a grand scale of the niche and undoubtedly provide you with some ideas that will eventually become clickable titles of your own.

4. Use trending phrases.

A study revealed some of the top phrases used in blog headlines on Facebook with the most engagement. It's obvious that people are drawn to certain key phrases. It's your job to figure out how to implement these words into your blog title.

They found that these are the top five phrases:

  • "Will make you"
  • "This is why"
  • "Can we guess"
  • "Only X in"
  • "The reason is"

As time goes on, trends will sway in different directions. Keep your eye on the content regularly being published all over the internet and see if there is a pattern. Obviously, it’s not worth consuming all your free time, but simply paying attention can give you some much-needed inspiration for your next blog title.


Crafting blog content and titles is no easy feat. There are plenty of ways you can use technology to your advantage when you want to figure out what titles are going to be clickable and which ones are going to be forgettable.

Your title should be a big part of your content marketing strategy. Once you start publishing great content with catchy headlines, you’ll begin to notice patterns within your own business. Some titles will stick, some won't. We hope these tips give you some insight as to what you can do to increase your success and grow your business through a vibrant, eye-catching blog.

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