Make It Personal: Lessons From IBM on Reinventing Performance Management

The traditional ways of managing performance simply aren’t working anymore.

To strive for continuous improvement, agility, and innovation, your employees need frequent feedback, ongoing upskilling, and a sharp focus on business outcomes.

IBM recently completed a reimagining of its performance management model to achieve those goals. In this webinar, Diane Gherson discusses the redesign of IBM’s talent and performance management system. She is joined for a best practices discussion and audience Q&A by McKinsey’s Bryan Hancock, coauthor of MIT SMR’s report, “Performance Management’s Digital Shift,” and Anna Tavis, research adviser to the report.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to align a transformation effort to business strategy.
  • How to secure employee buy-in for new ways of working.
  • How AI and other new technologies can modernize, personalize, and optimize performance management.

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